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Krav Maga Work Shops

Book a krav maga work shop with Patrick Honan.

Each workshop will be in depth training, focusing on understanding techniques and concepts. Learn about the realities and brutally honest stress of being under an attack, and learn how to apply IKI techniques during that time.
  • Krav Maga Combatives, general self defense against punches and other physical attacks.
  • Defense against weapons such as knives, axes and sticks, hand guns, shot guns and rifles.
  • Learn about weapon handling, for situations such as terror attacks and crime. The course involves real time security and VIP protection training.
Cost of a 5 hour seminar is $700
Additional Expenses are:
  1. Round trip airfare
  2. taxi to and from airports both ways
  3. Meals
  4. hotel accommodations

My travel agent  contacts you directly and you pay him via credit card.

I send you an invoice for the flight and I book it here.

No  work shop is considered booked until the flight is booked and paid for. 

Flights must be booked and paid for well advance

Krav Maga Work Shop with Patrick Honan
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