Krav Maga Personal Training

Krav Maga Personal Training

If you want the best – You Got It

Krav Australia is now offering krav maga personal training services, with IKI Krav Maga qualified instructor Pat Honan. He is certified by Moshe Katz, Israeli Krav International founder.

Pat Honan lives in Alice Springs, and it is also the place where he works. Pat owns BTN Security Services, you can find him physically on the streets working along side his workers. He has implemented IKI techniques and trained his security staff, Pat has proven real time that these techniques work.

Don’t be a victim, come and learn to protect yourself, so that in a bad situation you will become part of the solution. Remember it is always smart to keep yourself and your family safe. The only way to do this is by taking action, Pat will teach you about being aware in all possible dangers.

As Pat writes in his blog “A Day in the Life of Pat Honan”: Krav Maga in our style of IKI is simple and fast and works well in the work place. The sad thing is attacks will never stop and no matter what they may look like we must always be aware and stay alert.

So do something and be prepared, you don’t have to work in security to be attacked. We are all targets and we must be ready.


common street attacks
knife attacks
gun threats
chokes and grabs

and more…

For your Private Training Session with Pat – Click the button below:

$50 AUD per hour
Krav Australia Classes

IKI Krav Maga


Come to Krav Maga Classes twice weekly at our gym in Alice Springs. Patrick Honan is the only certified IKI Krav Maga Instructor in the Northern Territories, Australia.




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