Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga Classes

Krav Australia Classes will take place 2 times a week at our gym in Alice Springs. Patrick Honan is the only certified IKI Krav Maga Instructor in the Northern Territories, Australia.

"Take advantage of his real life street wise experiences and skills"

Adult Classes

Mondays & Tuesdays 17:00-18:00

These Adult classes are for anyone 18+, if you work in Security or other public services these classes are important for you. We focus on the security application of defenses and restraints, crowed control methods. Krav Australia ensure that we stay within the law and using proportional force only.

Kids Classes

Mondays & Tuesdays 16:00-17:00

Krav Maga for Kids is a new class starting right away, please send your kids. In this day and age we want to know that we are giving our kids the best education possible, it is just as important to ensure that our kids are education in their self protection. We are not always able protect our kids when they are alone, they may be on their way to school and may face a situation. We want to know as parents that our kids will know how to protect themselves if they need to.


This is a great class to develop your team work skills, and learn extraction tactics, such as co workers and ring leaders of anti social behavior situations.

Here is a list of the pricing and payment methods:

Pricing: Krav Maga Classes in Australia
Krav Maga Classes 18+ ---- 100 Australian Dollars Per Month 
Krav Maga Classes For Kids ---- 50 Australian Dollars Per Month
All Membership Fees Must be Paid in Advance

Location of Classes

5 Nichols street Gillan 0870 Alice Springs
Tel: +61 404 401 021

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