Krav Australia Students

Krav Australia Students

Hi I want to talk about my students here at Krav Australia looking at them everyone is a specialist in their own professional fields.

From EUD doctors to Security professional working at our US base here to correctional officer trainers and Police and pilots who fly prisoners   to mental health and social workers in remote locations.

Today I had a husband and wife couple who had trained with me for 12 months before they went on their retirement trip around Australia.

They asked if I could take their grandson on and daughter and teach them Krav Maga with every student there is a story.

With the 4 youths I have its school and been bullied they are not the majority race at their school and come under stress for it .That effects school work and them as people with lack of confidence and bad school reports.

Adults tend to do it for work reasons and personal goals within them self’s I ask them all why do you want to learn Krav Maga. From my older students who have served and trained in other combat styles they say this is what they have always been looking for.

So that coming from a man at 62 years ex army and helped with selection for Top units tells me this I can see as he told me he would still be there if he could.

He is a brown belt and after 3 years never misses a class and is always help full with other students he like two other long term students are the same.

Find it hard to stab them or pull a gun on them let alone kidnap them or put grabs or head locks on them why because the way we train is for all these types of attacks.

With a natural reaction and always moving forward as every attack is different and you never have time to think it over until after your asked what happened.

three weeks ago  I helped a stabbing victim he was hit in the leg nice attempt to kill him but it happens all too fast .I just helped him not get stabbed too many more times  when a Attacks happen no one sees anything.

Why they are all not watching or not aware its happening after their asked what happened and other then the victim and sometimes even they don’t see what happened they just got stabbed.

We all have our reasons to what to protect ourselves what’s yours

Patrick Honan

Head Instructor

CEO Krav Australia .





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