I’m Pat Honan – Krav Maga Coach & Security Specialist

Pat Honan in the Holy City of Jerusalem at the Western Wall

As one of the world’s most renowned Self-Defense experts in the Southern Hemisphere, Pat Honan is here to tell you how he understands the human body from his perspective. Pat says when concerning real and practical self-defense, we must consider some of the following factors. We all come in various sizes and shapes, and it is obvious to the eye that we are all built differently. Just as we are different physically, we are all very different in our instinctual reactions and reflexes abilities. Our natural moves are so different; some of us are naturally athletic because our in-built coordination and fantastic response time are perfect and practical. While others have more of a challenge with their coordination and may respond to an attack clumsily, they take longer to understand how to apply their bodies to physical motions. They usually take much longer to learn to use our techniques effectively.

Culture and religion are also significant factors, as we all are from different backgrounds and religions, and we have different. However, we all hurt the same. You may be covered in tattoos head to toe, but you still have two eyes, a nose, and all the same body parts as anyone else.

Being rugged and robust with flashy moves is not the answer because there is always someone bigger, stronger, and more brutal than you. Nobody is invincible; anyone can be attacked, taken hostage, kidnapped, or assaulted.

It is essential to me that you learn to save your lives and the lives of your loved ones; you may even want to help out in community watch groups. Please come and learn with us; we teach in a serious but fun environment and would love you to join us.

“Be the ones who are aware enough to realize they can defend themselves because you know you must.”

Your first training lesson is on me