About Us

About Us

Pat Honan, Head Instructor of Krav Australia,

Teaches Krav Maga at his school in Alice Springs Australia.

Patrick learned Krav Maga at Israeli Krav International. IKI is a Krav Maga organisation founded by Moshe Katz CEO and Founder of IKI, based in Israel. Pat traveled twice to Israel for a ten day intensive training for the Tour and Train Program where he earned his credentials.

Pat Honan says:

About us at BTN security company ,  which I own and operate.  We are based in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. It is 9 years now since I own this company, and have built up an amazing team of dedicated men. They are committed to their job of public security experts. We deal with many dangerous situations, due to the every day necessity of our locational needs. Krav maga expertise has become a necessity to protect our community in Alice Springs. The main situations we deal with are crowd control, anti-social behavior, asset protection of our clients and event management.

In addition to my men being Krav Maga practitioners and Security Experts, we also have a successful dog security patrol unit.  They are an integral part of our team, we employ our loyal patrol dogs to assist in most of these situations. My dogs make me very proud, they selflessly endanger their lives daily.

I have been involved in martial arts since I was 11 years old,  and have spent my years since then committed to the safety and security of the public. I worked for many years in high risk security protection jobs, both off shore and at sea. Now at 56 years old, after having invested so many years in training, my main motivation has always been to do what I doing now.

Krav Australia Security History:

  1. Yachtsman – navigator Land & Sea
  2. Level One Special Forces Combatant Instructor
  3. Close Protection Basic Level Qualification
  4. T.E.E.S Tactical Training Division – Dignitary Protection
  5. Firearms Safety qualified
  6. Fire Fighting Qualification& Oil Refinery Training, Breathing Apparatus
  7. Sardonyx Maritime Security Course
  8. STW.95, Survival at Sea Qualification
  9. First Aid and Trauma Kit Applications
  10. Communication – VHF, Phonetic Alphabet, Helicopter Marshaling Signals

Krav Australia Classes are available for all ages.

Please contact me via our website or phone number 0061404401021

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