Hi, I’m Pat Honan. A Security Expert and Krav Maga Master.

Welcome to Krav Australia

My name is Pat Honan, Head Instructor of Krav Australia; thank you for stopping by my website. I run a hectic security company in Australia and New Zealand, where we deal with a lot of crime. Our security guards are on constant active duty; we put our lives on the line daily to ensure public safety. Our business involves Krav Maga Training, Anti-Terror Security, VIP Protection, K9 Services, and many more crucial security elements. Please look through my site and be sure to contact me to learn more about our training and protection programs so you can come and learn to protect yourself and your family.

Be Safe, Pat.

Respect to my friend Anders RIP
Krav Australia
Pat Honan
Pat Honan

To successfully defend yourself on the street you must be willing to spend many hours training on the mat.

– Pat Honan

Krav Maga Training

Pat Honan and Moshe Katz
Pat Honan and Moshe Katz

I am an IKI Israeli Krav International Krav maga representative in Australia and New Zealand. IKI was founded and developed by my teacher Moshe Katz; his Krav Maga techniques are realistic systems based on simple concepts dedicated to saving lives.

Moshe teaches that once you understand the gravity and the impact of an actual attack on your life, fancy techniques do not stand a chance to restrain or strike your attacker.

It is even more challenging to shoot under pressure, so come learn our first defense and avoid getting into an ugly situation.

Security Training

Tour and Train in Israel
Tour and Train in Israel

My team and I are on the front lines; we are the first response team in all situations in Alice Springs, NT, Australia, and New Zealand. When a criminal breaks into an apartment at the casino, we are called and respond to the situation immediately.

My team will protect their guests who sleep unaware in their rooms after a night of playing and drinking. My team will catch the thieves either on their way in or as they leave, often dealing with a team of two or three thieves producing weapons, such as a machete or a knife. Come and join our highly trained and dedicated security experts.


Outdoor Car Defenses
Outdoor Car Defenses

Is it possible to be safe and feel secure? I feel that it is up to the individual. I strongly advise you to learn and practice defense against many types of attacks.

Another tip is if you travel on public transportation, look around at what is happening around you, don’t be the next target.

Our red alerts are public festivals,  schoolyards, classrooms, night clubs, public transportation, and seaside resorts; these are soft and vulnerable targets. Please take this seriously, consider joining one of our regular classes, and be proactive in your safety.


Shooting at Caliber 3
Shooting at Caliber 3

Being tough and robust with flashy moves is not the answer because there is always someone bigger, stronger, and more brutal than you. We are not invincible; anyone can be attacked, taken hostage, kidnapped, or assaulted.

Realizing and understanding this is your first step; being aware of your surroundings and dangers is your second.

I have witnessed many brutal attacks daily and confrontations by many aggressive attackers at once. I will teach you tactics to deal with all these situations. I hope to see you in class ASAP!

Your first training lesson is on me